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Story of Health Harvest


Health Harvest Story
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calls Hong Kong home, but we started life in the Tropical Rainforest Heritage

of Sumatra, Indonesia, where we harvest Tualang Honey, a rare and precious

wild honey species unique to tropical rainforest of Southeast Asia Region.

Indonesia is famous for abundant natural resources and is regarded as the paradise

for explorers and traders in search of the precious tastes and fragrances of the East.

By working closely with the Indonesian locals, Health Harvest has developed its

expertise in sourcing the best quality raw materials through partnerships with

the leading local suppliers.


Today, Health Harvest provides the key to the very best that Indonesia

has to offer in terms of Natural Sweeteners, Coconut Products and

Functional Ingredients. We serve the needs of health food, food

and beverage, ice-cream manufacturing, cosmetic an

pharmaceutical industries. 


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"Sustainable Development" is the core value of Health Harvest. Following the principle of "Ecological Sustainable Development",  Health Harvest sources high quality natural ingredients and products for customers and ultimately aims at leading sustainable development of human health.



Sustainable procurement is an essential and efficient business practice. Management of our supply chain takes into account environmental, social and ethical factors to facilitate informed and balanced decisions when procuring the required resources for our products.


When managing our supply chain, we actively seek to build enduring relationships and adopt a non-adversarial approach at all levels. Our aim is to create open and collaborative working relationships that deliver value for our clients and long-term opportunities for our business.


It is always our intention to trade fairly and in full cooperation with our subcontractors and suppliers. We work hard to identify competent and like-minded organisations capable of meeting our expectations. This is particularly important with regards to health, safety and environmental considerations, especially the commitments we make to our clients and other stakeholders.  To facilitate this, we are increasingly providing information to our suppliers and subcontractors on our environmental expectations of issues such as rainforest protection. Site visits and other such informal audits of facilities are performed on a regular basis to develop a dialogue with suppliers and subcontractors that might further improve collaboration.


We only engage with suppliers and subcontractors who understand the nature of the products, materials and services they are supplying. Our collaborators must recognise their responsibility to protect the environment and foster good relations with their employees and local communities.

Mission & Responsibilities




Buiness partners

Health Harvest is one of the World's leading supplier of Indonesian premium natural food ingredients. We offer wide range of product solutions to our customers, from bulk raw materials to branded products.


In line with our commitment to offer our customers the best range, quality and value, we seek partners we can trust to help us deliver our customer promise reliably and efficiently.


As we look ahead and forge new partnerships, it is always our goal to diversify our distribution networks around the World to bring even more good things into our customers’ lives.

Our Major Partners:





  • Wynn Resorts (Macau) S.A.


 Wynn Palace Cotai


 Wynn Macau


  • Major ice-cream manufacturers in Hong Kong



No particular order for the above lists.


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