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Natural Sweeteners


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Tualang Honey is a precious and rare multifloral honey exclusively available in tropical rainforests in equatorial region and is gaining scientist and worldwide recognition for its unique anti-oxidant and dietetic properties.


Tualang Honey is made by Apis Dorsata, but not typical honey bees like Apis Cerana or Apis of wild honey bee exclusively living in tropical rainforests in Southeast Asia. Due to its native aggressive character, there is no history of domestication for Apis Dorsata.


Health Harvest Rainforest Honey is 100% pure Tualang Honey exclusively wild harvested from the primitive native and national protected region -


The Tropical Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra, Indonesia


which is characterised by :

- traceability of organic nectar source

- raw and unpasteurised

- rich in pollen and aroma with no ultrafiltration

- unadulterated and no sugar feeding

- no additives and chemicals


Usage : natural sweetener, daily health care, therapy use

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