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Where can I buy Tualang Honey?

Hong Kong customers can purchase from Citysuper stores and Hang Hing Hong.


Greater China and Overseas customers can purchase from Health Harvest online retail store, Amazon, Wechat Store, JD Store and eBay. Click here to learn more


If you have any questions, please click here to contact us.


How to ensure I purchase a Tualang Honey which is the authentic products from Health Harvest?

All Tualang Honey products from Health Harvest are double protected with authenticity seal label and shrink film. The authenticity seal label would be damaged if the honey jar is opened by someone. Click here to learn more



There are so many health products. Is honey suitable for me?

Most health products selling in the market have been undergone heavy processing. Their health benefits are questionable.


Honey is a nutritious natural food containing more than 180 natural substances. Health Harvest Tualang Honey is rare and precious wild honey. International researches confirmed that the antioxidants (such as polyphenols, isoflavones, etc.) inside Tualang Honey far exceed other honey varieties. Tualang Honey is a comprehensive anti-inflammatory for human body. Its nutrition values far exceed general health products.


Is Tualang Honey suitable for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy?

Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy could benefit from Tualang Honey. Authentic Tualang Honey contains rich flavonoids and other bioactive compounds which help inducing immune regulation and promote the proliferation of T lymphocytes and B lymphocytes. A variety of human immune cells (white blood cells) is activated by producing cytokines. This helps cancer patients keep strong enough to pass through the cancer therapy.


Can I take Tualang Honey if I have blood sugar problem?

People who concern about blood sugar can eat honey, provided blood sugar must be controlled at a stable level and the honey itself has higher fructose content. Natural honey contains approximately 80% sugar (monosaccharides), mainly glucose and fructose. Studies show that fructose could stablize human blood sugar. People who concern about blood sugar shall choose honey with higher fructose content.  


Academic studies show that the unique nectar sources of Tualang Honey contribute high fructose and low glucose content. Its glycemic index is the lowest among other types of honey, which is suitable for people who concern about blood sugar. A customer of Health Harvest – Ms. Lucia from Amazon USA feedback to us that after taking Tualang Honey, her blood sugar level remained stable and did not spark.  


People who concern about blood sugar should take recommended dosage of Tualang Honey and avoid overdose. For beginners to Tualang Honey, it is recommended to take half of the recommended dosage every morning in the first week and monitor any abnormal fluctuation in blood sugar within 2 hours after dosage. If your blood sugar level remains stable, you can take the recommended dosage every morning and night starting from the second week. On the contrary, if your blood sugar level is found to be abnormal, it is recommended not to take Tualang Honey until your blood sugar is controlled at a stable level.


Should people suffer from high blood pressure, blood fat and blood sugar take Tualang Honey?

Studies have shown that Tualang Honey can help lower cholesterol and enhance cardiovascular health, and is particularly suitable for people with problems of high blood pressure, blood fat and blood sugar (“Three High”).


If the symptoms of Three High are obvious, it is recommended to take 2 jars of Black Honey, and then follow by 1 jar of Gold Honey. The whole therapy period is around 3 months. Repeat the same therapy cycle afterwards.


Shall we take Tualang Honey only when discomfort or symptoms exist?

It is recommended to take Tualang Honey everyday for enhancing your own immunity, adjusting your body's pH to be weakly alkaline, and reducing your chance of getting sick. However, if you are unfortunately suffering from disease, you can increase the dosage of Tualang Honey for therapy purpose.


Can I take Tualang Honey when I am taking western medicine?

Yes, you can. Tualang Honey is a natural food with mild nature, which can reduce the side effects of western medicine.


How long does Tualang honey take to be effective?

Due to differences in personal physique and health condition, it couldn’t be generalized. Generally speaking, the effect can be seen after taking 1-3 months.


Can honey be taken with other Chinese herbal medicines / natural ingredients?

Honey is a commonly used natural nutritional food. It is also an important medicine of traditional Chinese medicine. "Compendium of Materia Medica" mentions that "Honey can relieve the pain and reconcile with hundreds of medicines and herbs."  


After taking honey, it can be quickly absorbed through blood circulation. Honey can bring the efficacy of Chinese medicines and herbs to the infected part of human body.


Can children take Tualang honey if they have cold symptoms?

Tualang Honey has strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial functions, which can help relieve respiratory infections and throat inflammation.


Foreign clinical studies have shown that honey can more effectively relieve upper respiratory symptoms and avoid side effects caused by traditional cough medicine like dextromethorphan.


It is reported that honey contains hormones, which will cause children to overdevelop. Is it really a matter of fact?

The most important ingredients of honey are natural sugars, including glucose and fructose, accounting for more than 80% of the total. The remaining 18%-20% ingredients are water and 1% other ingredients are vitamins, minerals, protein, organic acids, pollen, etc.  


Studies have shown that no animal sex hormones have been detected in honey. Pollen does contain a lot of plant hormones, but these ingredients are very different from the hormones in animals. Plant hormones have no adverse effects on the human body.  


Children taking Tualang Honey daily can increase appetite and help growth. Studies have shown that Tualang Honey can enhance memory and make students more engaged in learning.


Who should not take Tualang Honey?

Infants aged below 1 year old or people who are sensitive to honey should not take Tualang Honey.  


People who concern about blood sugar can take Tualang Honey, but the dosage must be strictly controlled at recommended dosage level and avoid overdose. When starting to take Tualang Honey in the first week, it is recommended to take half of the recommended portion. Within 2 hours after dosage, closely monitor your blood sugar level. If your blood sugar level remains stable and normal, you can take Tualang Honey every morning and night starting from the second week. On the contrary, if your blood sugar level is abnormal, please stop taking Tualang Honey and consider taking it again once the blood sugar is controlled at a stable level.



When should I take Tualang Honey?

The sugar contained in honey is a monosaccharide, which is directly absorbed by human body through blood circulation. Taking a dose in the morning, Tualang Honey can quickly run through your body giving you energy and nutrients for your busy daily life. Drinking a glass of honey after night shift, physical work or exercise can quickly increase blood glucose concentration, enhance vitality and relieve fatigue.  


Substances in honey like glucose, vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium can regulate nerve system, relieve tension, increase appetite and promote better sleep. People with neurasthenia taking Tualang Honey before sleeping can let you fall asleep very soon and improve your overall sleep quality.  


Natural honey can regulate stomach acid, suitable for taking before and after meal. People with indigestion problem are recommended to take Tualang Honey before meal enabling increase in stomach acid for better digestion.


Will long-term consumption of Tualang Honey cause dependence?

Honey is a natural nutritious food and can be taken with peace of mind without being addicted.


After taking Tualang Honey, I feel very energetic. Why I do not feel sleepy?

Tualang Honey can help to regulate body constitution and help fall asleep naturally, but it is not a sleeping pill.



When opening the honey jar, it seems some gas releasing from the jar. Has the Tualang honey spoiled?

Tualang Honey is rich in yeast and enzymes, which remains very active in the honey jar. Yeast and enzymes can cause some gas. When opening the honey jar, it may make a sound like opening a champagne bottle, which does not affect the consumption. 


Honey crystal is too hard. How can I handle it?

Firstly, lock the cap of honey jar. Then, put the whole jar of honey in boiling water for about 15 minutes. Temperature of honey inside the jar rises to about 60°C. The honey will slowly dissolve.  


Tualang Honey originates from the equatorial region. Temperature of beehives on Tualang Tree is around 60°C. It means Tualang Honey adapts to high temperature of around 60°C. As such, soaking the honey jar in boiling water will not affect the quality of Tualang Honey.


Can I use hot water to brew Tualang Honey?

Tualang Honey originates from the equatorial region. Temperature of beehives on Tualang Tree is around 60°C. It means Tualang Honey adapts to high temperature of around 60°C. It is recommended to use warm water not exceeding 60°C to brew Tualang Honey, the quality of Tualang Honey will not be affected.


What tools are the best for taking Tualang Honey?

Honey is weak acidic with PH value of 3.5 - 5. When honey comes into contact with metal, it could cause oxidation reaction and release free metal elements such as magnesium, lead, zinc, aluminum, etc. Honey color would turn black and the nutrients are destroyed. Therefore, you should avoid using metal tools when taking honey. It is recommended to use porcelain, wood, and food grade plastics.


Does Tualang Honey need to be stored in the refrigerator?

No need to put Tualang Honey in refrigerator. As long as the cap is locked tightly and placed in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight, Tualang Honey can be stored for a long time.


Why does Tualang Honey taste sour? Has it gone spoiled?

Natural raw honey should be rich in pollen grains. These pollen grains make the honey with a natural sour taste. If a honey product only with sweet taste, consumers need to pay attention to its authenticity and purity.  


Health Harvest Tualang Honey originates from the Tropical Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra in Indonesia. Its pollen varieties and density are rich and high. Taste of Tualang Honey is sweet and sour, and even sweet and bitter. Its taste is complex and rich.


After taking half bottle of Tualang Honey, I found that the bottle has sediment. Is it suitable for consumption?

Precipitates in honey are crystals formed during the natural honey crystallization process. Since Health Harvest Tualang Honey is collected and processed in an original ecological way, it is called raw honey. Generally, within 2-3 months after collection, it will automatically crystallize depending on the storage environment temperature. The crystals represent the natural glucose component contained in honey. Due to the nature of Raw Honey, the degree of crystallization of each bottle of honey will also vary.


Honey crystals can be slowly dissolved by immersing the honey bottle in boiled water. First lock the cap of the honey bottle, put the whole bottle of honey into boiled water and soak it for about 15 minutes. When the temperature of the honey in the bottle rises to about 60°C, the honey will slowly dissolve.

Tualang Honey originates from the equatorial region. Hives on Tualang trees are with temperature over 60°C. Therefore, Tualang honey adapts to high temperatures of around 60°C. Soaking the honey bottle in boiled water will not affect the quality of Tualang Honey.



Bought another brand of Tualang Honey from Amazon which looks very watery. Is it fake?

Tualang Honey has higher water content than other honey products due to its distinctive nectar sources. Authentic and mature Tualang Honey shall have 18% - 22% water content. Honey with water content higher than 23% is immature honey. If you find the Tualang Honey product looks very watery, it is either immature or diluted with water. We suggest stop consumption immediately to avoid negative health impact.


Many honey products claim to be "Wild Honey". How should "Wild" be defined?

For a real "Wild Honey", the beehive must be naturally formed and does not involve the use of artificial beehives. Honey must be ripened naturally, and the whole process does not involve any human factors that interfere with the quality of honey. With the environmental and industrial development, it is difficult to find authentic "Wild Honey" nowadays, and only traces of wild bees can be found in primitive equatorial rainforest or on cliffs of plateau.  


Many honey products in the market are claimed to be "Wild Honey", which are in fact the honey farmers put artificial beehives in the wild area. These honeys are actually farmed honey, and the honey ripening process is often affected by different degrees of human factors, such as artificial sugar feeding, antibiotic doping and pesticide pollution.


Why choose Raw Honey?

Raw Honey refers to the honey subject to natural filtration after being harvested. Its natural essences and pollen grains are 100% retained, contributing much higher therapeutic value than processed honey.


The vast majority of honey products being sold in the market have undergone heavy processing, including high-temperature heating and ultra-filtration. The processed honey looks very clear and will not easy to crystallize. Honey after heating becomes less thick, reducing wear and tear, and more easy to pack. However, the processed honey loses its naturalness since high-temperature heating destroys the honey essences like yeast, enzymes and minerals. Ultra-filtration removes pollen grains causing the processed honey losing efficacy. Nutritional value of processed honey is actually equivalent to that of syrup.


Health Harvest Tualang Honey is 100% raw honey harvested from Tualang treetop in the Tropical Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra, and packed in a Hong Kong licensed food factory. The whole process does not involve unnecessary processing. The nutritional value of our Tualang Honey is 100% preserved.


There are so many kinds of honey products in the market, do I make the right choice?

Key factors to consider when choosing honey products: (1) Origin, (2) Nectar source, (3) Ripening process, (4) Harvesting method, (5) Processing. Click here to learn more


To avoid buying fake or impure honey, consumers are advised to purchase from a reputable and large-scale retail store or online store. Health Harvest Tualang Honey products are only available at designated sales points. Click here to learn more


Can Raw Honey be identified with the naked eye?

Raw Honey has not been heated and ultra-filtered at high temperature, which looks turbid and crystallized in different degree.  


If you find a honey product looks very clear with no crystallization, it is highly likely processed at different degree and not raw honey. Its nutritional value is in doubt.


How to distinguish genuine and fake honey?

Honey is a food that is easy to fake and synthesize. Consumers must carefully choose honey products from the market. Health Harvest gives you some tips on identifying genuine and fake honey. Click here to learn more


What kind of packaging material is used in Health Harvest Tualang Honey?

Health Harvest values our business mission of product quality and environmental protection. All products are stored in glass jars. The glass jars can preserve the quality of Tualang Honey and also the most environmentally friendly material.


What kinds of pollen grains does Tualang Honey contain?

Tualang Honey is native to the Tropical Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra, Indonesia. The native species of flora and fauna are primitive and diverse, resulting in Tualang Honey containing more than hundreds of tropical rainforest pollens. These pollen grains are precious natural medicines from the tropical rainforest. The higher pollen density and varieties, the higher the therapeutic value.  


We magnify the samples of Tualang Honey to hundred times or even thousand times through microscope, and clearly identify pollen grains of different shapes and of hundred varieties. However, in other farmed honeys, we could only find 5-10 types of pollen grains and the pollen density is sparse. It reflects the therapeutic value of Tualnag Honey is far more than farmed honey. Click here to learn more

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