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Quality & Transparency

Quality of Tualang Honey is measured by Total Activity,

Pollen Count and Pollen Varieties.

tualang honey
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Health Harvest's Commitments

Health Harvest is committed to bring the most original taste of Tualang Honey from The Tropical Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra.


◆ Ecological Harvesting and


◆ 100% Traceability

◆ Origin and Health Certificate

◆ Independent Batch Quality


◆ Sustainable Agriculture


◆ No High Temperature


◆ No Ultra-filtration Retaining

    Nectar Essences

◆ No Residual Pesticide,

    Antibiotic or Heavy Metal

◆ No Artificial Sugar

    Feeding or Adulteration



Pursuing ecological-friendly spirit, we bring Tualang Honey from a remote corner of the World - The Tropical Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra. Our Tualang Honey is wild harvested and processed in raw.  Every single jar possesses stunning aroma and rainforest essence.




100% Traceability


Health Harvest's Tualang Honey is collected from tropical rainforest area of Sumatra, where is nationally protected by Indonesian government, and both agricultural and industrial activities are strictly prohibited. Wild plants in this area are not contaminated by human factors, resulting our Tualang Honey free from residual pesticides, heavy metals, antibiotics and other contamination problems.

100% traceability of nectar sources is a prerequisite for premium quality honey. Each batch of Health Harvest's Tualang Honey can be traced back to the specific Tualang Tree to ensure identificable nectar sources.  Our Tualang Honey raw material has passed organic certification of National Organic Program (USDA). Organic audit covered 3 major areas: honey harvesting method, nectar traceability and ecological conservation. International organic standards on honey are relatively strict comparing to general organic food. Plants within the area of 5 km from the beehives must not be contaminated by pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals and the nectar source must be 100% traceable. With continuous development of urban industry, honey products are difficult to meet the international organic standards.


According to market reports, some honey products are mixed with unknown nectar sources, which consumers are difficult to identify. Consumers must pay attention to the country of origin of honey products, which shall be clearly stated on the product label.

Raw Processing Reserved Natural Essences


Raw honey refers to honey directly extracted from honeycombs with no heating and ultrafiltration, which is in creamy texture, in less transparent color and normally crystallized in 2-3 months time after harvesting. Raw honey contains rich natural essence and active bioactive compounds: flavonoids, phenols, yeasts, enzymes, minerals and amino acids. Its antioxidant and antibacterial levels are much stronger than processed honeys.

tualang honey

Health Harvest's Tualang Honey is 100% raw. Honey farmers extract Tualang Honey from wild honeycombs through squeezing by hand. The process does not involve any machine processing. Each jar of Tualang Honey has unique crystallisation, texture and aroma.


Most of the honey products selling on the market were subject to different degrees of processing to facilitate packaging and storage for cost effective consideration. However, excessive processing could seriously damage the natural essence and nutrients of honey. Consumers shall pay attention to the handling and processing methods, and to avoid purchase over processed honey products.



Sustainability is the key to maintain Tualang honey industry. Health Harvest has started from basic education: Ecological conservation is the principal of Tualang Honey harvesting and processing.

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We strictly limit the annual production volume of Tualang Honey and prevent excessive harvest affecting ecological cycle of the rainforest area.

By successfully exporting Tualang Honey from the primitive tropical rainforest to different countries of the World, we elevate the market value of Tualang Honey and significantly improve the income of local honey farmers and promote local economy development.

Authenticity Protection

To protect customers, Health Harvest Tualang Honey Specialty uses authenticity protection seal on all our Tualang Honey products selling on

e-commerce marketplaces.

tualang honey

Qualified Honey Manufacturer

- SNI Certified


Indonesian National Standard (abbreviated SNI) is the only standards that apply nationally in Indonesia.

- HALAL Certified


Wild honey for human consumption must come from manufacturer with official production certificate.  Wild honey from unknown harvesting source may be toxic and harmful to human health.

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Instant Honey Quality Test


We have own laboratory in Sumatra facilitating instant laboratory testing on freshly-harvested Tualang Honey, including amylase, sugar level, PH value and water content.  Every batch of Tualang Honey must satisfy the quality standards.

Independent Laboratory Test


Every batch of Tualang Honey is sent to independent laboratory in Jakarta for quality testing, including water content, amylase, sugar, HMF and heavy metal to ensure quality of each batch of Tualang Honey satisfies export requirements.

Every batch of Tualang Honey is sent to independent laboratory in UK for Total Activity testing.

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Anti-bacterial Test by SGS Hong Kong


Health Harvest appoints SGS Hong Kong to perform different testings for Tualang Honey, including 7+1 nutrition value, heavy metal content and chloramphenicol content. 

SGS Hong Kong also performs antibacterial testing for Tualang Honey.  The results indicate that Tualang Honey can reduce Staphylococcus Aureus and E. Coli by 89%-99% within 24 hours and 99.9% within 48 hours.  Its antibacterial ability is affirmed.

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Certificates of Origin and Sanitary


Every batch of Tualang Honey must be sent to the Ministry of Agriculture for agricultural quarantine.  Health Certificate for Animal Products is issued for confirming food safety for human consumption; whereas Certificate of Origin is issued for proving country of origin.

tualang honey

Use of Suitable Packaging Materials


Glass jar is regarded as the best container for food storage and environmental protection.  Despite higher costing, Health Harvest still selects glass jar for packaging Tualang Honey for achieving the best preservation.

Packaging at Qualified Cleanroom


Tualang Honey is imported into Hong Kong by way of raw materials, which is packaged in a Hong Kong factory equipped with cleanroom equivalent to ISO 14644 Class 8 standard and licences issued by Department of Health and Food and Environmental Hygiene Department.

Quality assurance
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