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Important Notices

17 Aug 2018


Notice of Counterfeit Products 假冒產品通知


Recently it was brought to our attention that fakes / suspected fakes of our tualang honey are being sold on in our brand "Health Harvest".


Sometimes fakes are very difficult to distinguish from genuine products. They are packaged with the same jars, logo and labels. It has been reported to us that the company / individual that is selling the fakes / suspected fakes pretends to be authorized distributors and states invalid product information on below product pages:


Our company has reported these fakes / suspected fakes to on 17 Aug 2018. We cannot guarantee these fakes / suspected fakes are real tualang honey or in good quality. Your health may be severely at risk if you consume these fakes or suspected fakes. Health Harvest is not liable or responsible whatsoever for the problems attributed to these fakes / suspected fakes.


To avoid any problems with the fakes / suspected fakes, please only purchase Health Harvest's tualang honey products from our authorised distribution channels.


If you have any doubts when buying our tualang honey products, please contact us direclty.



Update on 12 Sep 2018


Authenticity Protection Seal


Health Harvest Tualang Honey Specialty has recently noticed counterfeit tualang honey products selling in the same brand and package on another e-commerce channel.


To protect Amazon cutsomers, starting from 12 September 2018, Health Harvest Tualang Honey Specialty has started to use authenticity protection seal (see illustration pictures below) on all our Tualang Honey products sold on Amazon marketplaces.

With this authenticity protection seal, we guarantee the Tualang Honey products you purchased on Amazon is 100% authentic Tualang Honey wildly harvested from equatorial rainforest of 

Sumatra, Indonesia.



Amazon and eBay are the only official third party e-commerce channels selling Health Harvest’s Tualang Honey Products.

16 Aug 2018


Notice of Infringement 被侵權通知


Our company Health Harvest Food Limited is the winner of Best New Natural / Organic Food of Natural & Organic Awards Asia 2016. Below is official award certificate granted to our company by the organizer.

We use below award logo on our tualang honey products in "Health Harvest" brand. The award logo shall not appear on other tualang honey products. If you find the award logo is used on any other tualang honey products in the market, it constitutes infringement to our company.

It has been evidenced that a company Wiidly, LLC has used / is using the award logo to promote their tualang honey products on without our authorisation. See the related product links below:


Our company hereby declares that all tualang honey products of Wiidly, LLC are unrelated to Health Harvest Food Limited. We reserve the right to take legal actions against Wiidly, LLC on the infringement.


If you find any tualang honey products carrying the award logo, please kindly report to us immediately.

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