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Antioxidant phenolic compounds (flavonoids

phenolic acids) in Tualang Honey proven

to surpass the internationally renowned

Manuka Honey

Known to fight growth of unwelcome cell

and support cardiovascular health

A high concentration of antioxidants,

anti-inflammatory agents, anti-bacterial

compounds and other phytochemicals


Tualang Honey is a rare & precious

multifloral rainforest honey

Produced by a special giant honey bee

Apis Dorsataan unique species to tropical

rainforests in Southeast Asia equatorial region

Hundreds of tropical rainforest plants

contribute unique medicinal properties


One of the most sought-after honey of

the World in recent years






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Tualang Gold Honey

8.8oz / 250g

Total Activity 10.5+

Pollen Count 6.5M+

Supreme Choice

for Adjuvant Therapy

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Tualang Black Honey

14oz / 375g

Total Activity 14+

Pollen Count 4.8M+

Intense Choice

for Therapy & Rehabilitation

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tualang honey



100% pure Tualang Honey harvesting from

The Tropical Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra,, located within the World's three major tropical rainforest areas


Listed by UNESCO as the World Natural Heritage

and the World Heritage in 2004 and 2011


Inside the rainforest, the unique species - the majestic

Tualang Tree and the Asian Giant Bee Apis Dorsata nourish each other and give birth to the precious Tualang Honey



Unique Organic Nectar Sources

The Tropical Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra covers three major national parks protected by the local government. The local area is primitive, away from industrial and agricultural activities, creating a clean, pollution free and diversified organic nectar source for Tualang Honey.

The Tropical Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra by Health Harvest Tualang Honey Specialty

The Ingenious Apis Dorsata

Apis Dorsata by Health Harvest Tualang Honey Specialty

Apis Dorsata pursues clean and pollution free nectar source throughout its life span and only collect pollen from the native rainforest plant flowers. Bee colonies may even migrate if adverse change in habitat conditions.

Ripening Not Intervened by Human Being

Hives of Apis Dorsata naturally ripe on the majestic trunks of Tualang Tree.  The ripening process is not subject to human intervention, eliminating the risk of feeding antibiotics and artificial sugars by human being.

Wildly Harvesting of Tualang Honey by Health Harvest Tualang Honey Specialty

Rich in Bioactive Compounds

Raw Processing of Tualang Honey by Health Harvest Tualang Honey Specialty

International studies indicate that Tualang Honey is rich in bioactive compounds, like vitamins, minerals, amino acids, yeast, enzymes, phenols and flavonoids, in which studies confirmed that both phenols and flavonoids content even exceeds the level of other medical-grade honeys like Manuka Honey.




Total Activity and Pollen Count reveal the genuineness

and quality of Tualang Honey.

Total Activity

Tualang Honey is well known for its strong anti-bacterial, anti-inflammation and anti-oxidant ability. Its bioactivity is measured by Total Activity or TA rating, similar to the UMF/MGO rating commonly used for Manuka Honey.


Health Harvest Tualang Honey

is tested for TA ratings in the Minerva Laboratory located in Derby, United Kingdom with reported result from

TA 9.5+ to 14+.

Total Activity Test by Health Harvest Tualang Honey Specialty

Pollen Count



Pollen is the key for honeybee nutrition. Researches indicate that bee pollen has at least 18 vitamins, 22 amino acids, 25 minerals, 59 trace elements, 25% protein, 11 carbohydrates, 14 fatty acids and 11 enzymes.


Tualang Honey from tropical rainforests contains high

density of rainforest pollen grains, being 10 - 20 times over other medicinal honey and commercial honey.


Health Harvest Tualang Honey reported pollen count results from 2,400,000 to 6,500,000 pollen grains per 10 grams honey and over 100 to 200 varieties of pollen grains were identified.




Health Harvest provides the key to the very best that Indonesia

has to offer in terms of Natural Sweeteners, Coconut Products, Functional Ingredients, Cocoa & Vanilla, Fruit & Vegetable,

Tea & Coffee, Essential Oil and Comestic & Care.


We serve the needs of health food, food and beverage,

ice-cream manufacturing, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries

Qualifications of our raw material supplies:

FSSC 22000:2010, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001:2008, HALAL




The founders of Health Harvest are native to Hong Kong


Occasionally found the unique medicinal properties of Tualang Honey and determined travelling to the inaccessible equatorial region of Sumatra, Indonesia


Breaking the obstacles of nationality and religion, to bring

Tualang Honey from The Tropical Rainforest Heritage of

Sumatra to the consumer goods market

Health Harvest is committed to connecting people with

nature and health with ecological friendly spirit

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