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I was able to run it in Ubuntu 11.10, but I am not able to run it in Ubuntu 12.04. Is there anything I can do to make it work or make the data connection? A: "The data connection works fine when I go to the "SketchUp"-site on my laptop." The data connection works fine on your laptop (perhaps to SketchUp's website) but not on your desktop (perhaps because SketchUp cannot find the Internet connection). The data connection is not a browser issue. "The "SketchUp"-site works fine when I connect it to my desktop. This is more of a user error. "When I try to connect my laptop to the desktop, it comes up with this error: "The connection failed. Check the network connection and try again." I have not seen this particular error before so I am unsure what is causing it. From the error message above, it sounds like a problem with network connectivity and/or a proxy server. What would be the best solution to run it on my desktop? Install a different version of SketchUp (if it works on Ubuntu 12.04). If it does not, then you have a problem with your installation. You need to start with a clean installation of SketchUp. You can copy the files and data from a new, clean installation to the old installation so the old installation "kind of works". If that does not work then you are left with asking for a new installation. Semiconductor microfabrication techniques are essential for the fabrication of semiconductor devices. In particular, microfabrication techniques are indispensable for a higher integration degree, a higher performance, and a miniaturization of semiconductor devices. In the microfabrication, techniques of forming a film on a wafer, and forming a pattern of the film on the wafer have been improved. When the film is formed, typically, a thin-film forming apparatus is used. As the thin-film forming apparatus, a plasma processing apparatus has been widely employed, as a process unit capable of efficiently forming a fine pattern. A semiconductor device including such a semiconductor microfabrication is required to have a high reliability. In order to improve the reliability, various improvements have been made on the thin-film forming apparatus as well. For example, Patent Literature 1 discloses




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