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Do you know the definition of "Organic" Honey?

In recent years, there are plenty of organic foods in the market. "Organic" is no longer a new topic. Organic certification becomes the selection key to the consumers who look for high quality health food.

However, do you notice that it is quite difficult to find honey products certified as organic in the market? Why?

International organic standards for honey products are much demanding than normal food items. It is simply because people cannot control the activities of honey bees.

In general, human can control the activities of livestocks within a farm. But human cannot control the activities of honey bees because they can travel to a distance up to 3km from honeycomb for nectar collecting. To meet the international organic standards, the plant flowers within 3km area from honeycomb shall be free of pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals and other substances. This makes sure honey not polluted by such substances.

With continuous urban development, plant flowers around most honey farms have been polluted in different extent. It is quite difficult for a honey product certified as organic

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