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Sustainable procurement is an essential and efficient business practice. Management of our supply chain takes into account environmental, social and ethical factors to facilitate informed and balanced decisions when procuring the required resources for our products.


When managing our supply chain, we actively seek to build enduring relationships and adopt a non-adversarial approach at all levels. Our aim is to create open and collaborative working relationships that deliver value for our clients and long-term opportunities for our business.


It is always our intention to trade fairly and in full cooperation with our subcontractors and suppliers. We work hard to identify competent and like-minded organisations capable of meeting our expectations. This is particularly important with regards to health, safety and environmental considerations, especially the commitments we make to our clients and other stakeholders.  To facilitate this, we are increasingly providing information to our suppliers and subcontractors on our environmental expectations of issues such as rainforest protection. Site visits and other such informal audits of facilities are performed on a regular basis to develop a dialogue with suppliers and subcontractors that might further improve collaboration.


We only engage with suppliers and subcontractors who understand the nature of the products, materials and services they are supplying. Our collaborators must recognise their responsibility to protect the environment and foster good relations with their employees and local communities.

Our raw materials are sourced from diversified

areas across major islands in Indonesia.




Delivering safe and high quality product is a top priority of Health Harvest.  


Our partnered honey supplier is the largest Tualang honey supplier in Sumatra with qualified manufacturing licence from Indonesian government.  This guarantees honey originating from safe source.


Our partnered manufacturer of natural food ingredients is the first Indonesian natural ingredients manufacturer certified with FSSC 22000, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001, encompassing : product and process quality; hygiene and safety incorporating GMP / HACCP management; and environmental safeguards and responsibility.


We believe the best quality product come from a combination of the best ingredients, the right process, and the newest technology.  Our natural ingredients are processed with the best and newest facilities : Pilot Plants, Milling, Distilling, Fractionating, Extracting and Spray Drying.


In response to specific customer needs, a team of professional engineers and technicians research for new ingredients and improved techniques that will contribute to ongoing product evolution.

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