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Unlike refined, processed sugar and other sweet alternatives (i.e. Stevia), Tualang Honey is far more than empty calories. It is more than a taste; Tualang Honey is a complex superfood that contains an abundance of nutritional and well-being benefits and has around four times the mineral content of other honey.

Minerals and Vitamins found in Tualang Honey:

Calcium      B6

Copper     Thiamine

Iron     Niacin

Magnesium     Riboflavin

Manganese     Pantothenic acid

Phosphorous     Amino acids




This natural sweetener is rich in phenolic acids and flavonoids, which make it a powerful source of natural antioxidants.









Miracle Black Tualang Honey helped relief from severe allergies and post nasal drip completely!

USA Customer - Judy on 1 August 2020

I’m so glad I found this honey. My 78 year old mother has had severe allergies for the past 20 years. She has seen multiple specialist and took multiple tests for her allergies. She’s taken years of allergy medication, including getting shots. Nothing helped with her post nasal drip. She used to wake up every morning with bloody mucous in her nose and throat. After taking your honey, the tualang black honey, she miraculously no longer have bloody mucous. Her post nasal drip has gone away also! Thank you! 

Healing Properties for COVID 19

USA Customer - Judy on 27 July 2020

I am from California, USA, and COVID-19 is raging in the community where I live. Unfortunately, one of my friends was infected with COVID-19. I gave her a jar of Tualang Black Honey for therapeutic purpose. She took half jar and her pneumonia symptoms have obviously improved a lot. After taking the whole jar, she fully recovered.


Tualang Honey insures the health of my family under this Century Epidemic.


Purchase item: Black Tualang Honey 10oz / 280g

Extraordinary honey

Amazon USA Customer - Big Bend on 1 May 2020

Love this honey
Flavors so strong
Unlike any other honey
Used it for the taste and as natural medicine during a flu bout


Purchase item: Black Tualang Honey 13oz / 375g 

Great gift for my sister

Amazon USA Customer - Ran on 15 April 2020

My sister was thrilled with these 3 honeys. My 'seller review' was a tad tepid (I thought the sizes were so small for what I paid); but I have since educated myself on the "Apis dorsata" and the difficulty of harvesting the honey from these bees - so now I understand why this honey is pricier than many other honeys. My sister loved the flavor of each honey, and I may have to order some for myself. So glad I got this for my sister.


Purchase item: Assorted Tasting Pack 1.8oz / 50g x 3 jars

Very good flavor tasting collection.

Amazon USA Customer - Marion on 29 March 2020

I liked the different strengths and flavors. I bought these to try after reading that Tualang honey may be good for bone formation. However, due to my tendency to get oral thrush from sugary products I had to give up on this idea. However, I recommend trying these if you don't have candida issues.


Purchase item: Assorted Tasting Pack 1.8oz / 50g x 3 jars

I love it

Amazon USA Customer - Al Beheri Mohammed on 22 March 2020

It is healthy and delicious I like it.


Purchase item: Black Tualang Honey 10oz / 280g


Amazon USA Customer on 6 March 2020

Definitely a different taste than any other honey. And it is much thinner than most, and it is very sweet.


Purchase item: Black Tualang Honey 10oz / 280g

Great taste

Amazon USA Customer - Debbie on 5 February 2020

Great flavor! This is an awesome product.


Purchase item: Assorted Tasting Pack 1.8oz / 50g x 3 jars

Good Quality!

Amazon USA Customer - Ben Ben Ben on 24 January 2020

Genuinely raw, as I checked pollen in the honey under my microscope. Pollen is different from other raw honey, e.g. pollen size is much smaller than that of wind-borne Buckwheat honey. Texture is smoother and less viscous than raw Buckwheat honey.


Purchase item: Black Tualang Honey 10oz / 280g


Delightful and Healthful

Amazon Customer on 23 January 2020

The flavors are delightful and I also purchased for the proven medicinal properties of them.


Purchase item: Red Tualang Honey 10oz / 280g